Here is a video produced by Bernhard Rieder. It is an excellent introduction to using WORDij for the first time, covering some basic procedures. (Note that there is one mistake regarding importing the file into Gephi. One should select the Directed rather the Undirected option, because WORDij produces directed output.)
(Basic) Text Analysis with WORDij

The WORDij app, VISij can produce movies of change over time in networks. This example shows change over time in the network of social media from 2006 to 2019, based on co-mentions in news.
WORDij Software 2019-09-02 11-28-30.mp4>

This is a video of a TEDx presentation by Lianne Lefsrud about meanings of "oil sands" and "tar sands" from 1965 to 2011 using the WORDij software and Gephi.
Golden Goose or Ugly Duckling?: Lianne Lefsrud at TEDxFortMcMurray.

Note: For detailed documentation for WORDij, once you download it, open the Documentation folder. There you will find 15 tutorial files covering basic and advanced features with screenshots.